One day you live in your parents’ house without a care in the world, and the next, you are out on your own trying to understand bills, relationships, and adulting. Like, what’s the DOW Jones? What’s healthy and cheap? How do I stop turning everything into a fight? If you don’t know where to start googling, look no further. Everyday Owl breaks it all down with daily bits of wisdom for less WTF and more LOL. It’s scary to leave the nest, but with The Everyday Owl, life can be a hoot.

The Team

Our nightly owls work tirelessly to strengthen and expand the outreach of Everyday Owl. Meet a couple of the faces behind our creative initiatives here!

José-Andrés Alegría

Jose-Andres Alegria is a Content Writer who writes whatever the boss tells him to, but if you can’t find him, then it means that his face is buried in a book somewhere or that he is taking a nap. You should come back later when he’s not “busy.”

Devin Dornbrock

Devin is a social media specialist with Family Bridges based in the Portland area. Born and raised in Southern Washington with a degree in Communications and a minor in English from the University of Washington, she has a deep appreciation for nature and greenery. In fact, she can name just about every mountain in Washington and Oregon off the top of her head… If asked to go for a hike though she would probably rather get cozy inside and load up Genshin Impact.