If you’ve ever been bored on the bus or had a moment to yourself at home where you weren’t sure what to do with yourself, comics can be a fun and quick way to immerse yourself in another world. Getting into traditional comics can be intimidating and costly but if you are interested in reading them, webcomics are a great way to start. Many are free online, and they offer a huge range of art styles and storylines. There’s something out there for everyone, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

The Gamer by Sangyoung Seong

The Gamer is one of many webcomics set in Korea and is focused on Jihan Han. The world of The Gamer creates a secondary world within our own called The Abyss, where people, demons, spirits, and the otherwise supernatural all struggle for power. The Abyss is a shadow world most regular people don’t know about where the impossible becomes possible. Don’t mistake it for a happy place though, time and again, The Abyss is proven to be a place of danger where only the strong survive. Without enough power to protect yourself, you will surely be enslaved or killed. Enter Jihan Han, whose power granted by “Gaia” is known as The Gamer. As you read the webcomic, you get to learn along with him as he navigates the dangerous world of The Abyss and hones his power to protect himself and his friends. With over 300 chapters released in English it may take you a while to catch up, but it’s well worth it.

The God of High School by Yongje Park

For fans of action, The God of High School comic will be a big hit. In June of 2020, an anime adaptation began airing on Crunchyroll but for those of you who don’t have the time to sit down and watch, you can go straight to the source. The webcomic focuses on Jin Mo-Ri in another Korean world similar to our own. The plot follows The God of Highschool tournament, where high school students from across the country fight for the ultimate prize of having their deepest desire granted. From wanting to cover medical expenses to longing for a reunion with a beloved family member, everyone in the tournament has their own reason for battling. Intense fights with all sorts of combat styles and supernatural abilities make the digital pages fly by. Good thing there are over 450 chapters already out!

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

You may have heard of Lore Olympus by now, it made a bit of a splash when it was announced that Netflix would pick up the rights for a tv adaptation on its platform. The story mostly focuses on the Greek Gods Hades and Persephone. Their tale has been told and retold over and over, but the unique thing about Lore Olympus comes in the beautiful and memorable art and the truly human emotions the characters exhibit. Despite being gods and goddesses, we see them (mostly) in their own realms where they don’t show off their powers every other second. Fear, anxiety, emotional, and even physical abuse are portrayed realistically in ways that make you empathize with them. Sure, their names are well known, but Smythe has really made them her own to create a riveting and beautiful story. 

There are hundreds of webcomics available online, some of them focused on drama, others on mystery, action, tragedy, any and every genre you can think of. Art styles can vary, but it’s easy to find something to suit your tastes, and before long, you’ll be hooked.

For those of you who read webcomics, do you have any favorites?

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