It is no secret that I am a HUGE Christmas fanatic. And, aside from decking the halls, one of my favorite things to do during Christmas is watch Hallmark movies.

Are they cheesy? Yes. Are they totally predictable? Absolutely. Does it matter? NO! 

Hallmark movies are heartwarming and give you a little faith in all things good. Not sure where to get started? Here are the top 12 must-watch Hallmark Christmas movies from the past couple of years. 

#12 – Christmas in Evergreen

There’s a widowed husband, a starry-eyed child, a long-distance relationship, and a magical snow globe. Need I say more?

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#11 – Crown for Christmas

You can’t have a top Christmas movie list without a royal theme. A hotel maid is hired to be a governess for a young girl, whose father is now widowed. She moves to the castle and gets swept away by the King of Winshire. You know, no big deal.

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#10 – Christmas at Dollywood

It’s Dolly Parton, and it’s at Dollywood. Granted, Dolly only appears onscreen for a few minutes, but it’s still worth it. The main portion of the movie focuses on a New York City event planner who travels home to Tennessee for the holidays and ends up working on the thirtieth anniversary Christmas event at Dollywood alongside another theme park employee. Wink. Wink.

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#9 – Check Inn to Christmas

It’s a modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet, except it’s Hallmark, so no one dies. A big-city lawyer comes home to spend the holidays with her family running their inn only to get caught up in a longstanding feud with a rival business. To complicate matters, she kinda has a thing for one of the rivals. Dun-dun-duunn. 

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#8 – The Nine Lives of Christmas

A stray cat becomes attached to a local fireman – a bachelor who doesn’t believe in love or commitment. This cat starts to grow him, and he realizes that a little companionship isn’t so bad. Soon after, he meets an animal lover and veterinary student who teaches him how to care for his feline friend. Chemistry ensues. 

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#7 – Switched for Christmas

It’s the good ol’ twin sister switcheroo. These estranged twin sisters get together for what they thought was a pre-Christmas lunch with dad. Dad just wanted them to get together, and he splits once they both arrive. They start talking and compare lives. They are both unhappy and frustrated with their own lives, and they do what any identical twin should do: they swap lives until Christmas Day. It’s a hot mess for sure but makes for great entertainment.

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#6 – Miss Christmas

She’s in charge of finding the perfect tree for the Radcliffe Tree lighting in Chicago. Each year she must find a bigger and better tree, and this year is no different. She receives a letter from a young boy with a picture of the tree. She heads over to the small town to make arrangements only to find the boy’s dad is not willing to part with the tree. 

Also, the tree finder’s name is Holly, and her nickname is Miss Christmas. Come on!

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#5 – With Love, Christmas

She loves Christmas, and he doesn’t. She’s a sweet and thoughtful person. He’s Mr. Grumpy Pants. They both work at an ad agency where they get paired to make a Christmas ad for a cell phone company. Coincidentally, they also get to be each other’s Secret Santa. They start spending lots of time together as they work on their ad pitch and, you guessed it, fall for each other.

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#4 – A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

Ah yes, a movie about shoes. Swoon. But don’t be fooled, this movie is packed with heart. There’s a quirky guardian angel and magical shoes that take her back to Christmases past, and of course, a new love interest. 

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#3 – The Mistletoe Promise

Two Christmas haters meet by chance. Shortly after, they make a “mistletoe promise” to trick their exes, friends, and bosses. The more they hang out, the more they like each other and Christmas itself. Awww.

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#2 – Journey Back to Christmas

A WWII nurse who travels from that era into the present day where she meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family. It’s a world of magic, miracles, sweet stories, and the timelessness of Christmas. Did I mention there’s time travel?

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#1 – A Gift to Remember

A good-looking guy, a dog, a bookstore worker, a bicycle, and lots of Christmas. The perfect mix for a great movie. Said bookstore worker cycling to work crashes into the man while walking his dog. He falls into a coma and wakes up with amnesia. In the meantime, she takes care of his dog. The rest is all romance. 

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That’s my list. If you couldn’t tell, Hallmark movies all follow a similar theme: It’s Christmas, someone finds love in a way they didn’t see coming. They always end on a happy note, in turn, leaving you quite satisfied, happy, and in a festive mood. 

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