Spring is a time of new beginnings. Nature is shaking off the ice and snow while we humans try to figure out from a groundhog whether it’s time to switch out long sleeves for tank tops. Regardless, it’s also a great time to set romantic dates for your significant other. Which is why I’ve put together a list of the best spring date ideas you won’t want to miss.

1. Picnics

You can’t go wrong with a picnic. Just grab a basket/ cooler and a blanket, and head out somewhere nice. There are plenty of places to set up a romantic picnic and spend some quality time with your significant other.

Picnics are also a great way to show off your cooking skills without needing to plan a whole elaborate meal. Just focus on one or two dishes, then pick up some fresh fruit to accompany it. Finish it with a nice beverage, and you’ll easily impress your date with a thoughtful and delicious meal.

If you can’t find the right spot to set up your picnic date, you can always spread your checkered blanket in your backyard or a local park. Backyards will offer more privacy, of course, but local parks will probably have better scenery.

2. Flower Viewing

It may be a bit of a drive, but spring is the best time to head to your nearest flower field. Tulips are especially beautiful, but there are other options out there if you’re looking for something new.

Cherry blossom trees are a wonderful option if you cannot get out to a vast field but still want some fresh spring flowers. There are also rhododendrons, magnolias, rose gardens, lilies, and many more.

Whether you’re going to view flowers in a vast field, a well-maintained garden, or setting out in search of them along a hiking trail, it will make for some wonderful memories. The most memorable days are the ones you spend with the person you cherish, taking in the beauty of nature.

Even if there are options nearby, you can always plan a day trip to see something special that your special someone will surely appreciate.

3. Botanical Garden

As you can probably tell by now, nature is a big theme when it comes to the best spring dates.

Botanical gardens are a fantastic way to support conservation efforts while learning more about flora, local and otherwise. They also offer a spot to see some more exotic plants you wouldn’t see out in the wild.

Each botanical garden will vary in the type of plants they care for, but each is like a little slice of nature you can visit whenever you want. Some may even care for a few animals if you’re lucky. Birds are usually the most common animal found in botanical gardens, but it depends on the garden you’re in.

These gardens are perfect for couples wanting to be a little more active when the weather gets nicer without breaking out the hiking boots.

4. Music Festivals

Listening to live music is one of the quintessential date ideas and is almost as popular as heading to the movies or eating at a nice restaurant. Luckily a lot of music festivals start cropping up in the spring, which means plenty of fun date opportunities.

There are a few different types of music festivals, so you can pick the ones that suit you and your partner best. There are, of course, the bigger festivals that you can drop hundreds of dollars on tickets for with huge headliners, but there are usually some smaller “festivals,” too — single-day events that take place in your local park and feature just a few bands.

A great site to use to find those bigger festivals is Music Festival Wizard. It can also help you find local concerts to check out too. You’ll probably need to check your city’s events website for the smaller local ones.

Whatever your speed is, though, music festivals are a great time and definitely one of the best spring date ideas out there. You and your partner get to head out, grab some drinks and just vibe along with the tunes. Honestly, what could beat that?

5. Rooftop Dinner for Two

If I haven’t made it obvious by now, the best spring date ideas take advantage of good spring weather. One way to give an old classic a new twist is to hit up a rooftop restaurant/ bar rather than the same old same old.

Any city worth its salt is bound to have at least a few options for rooftop views where you can take in some amazing sunsets with your special person. Good food, good company, and good sights will really make for the ultimate date night.

6. Baseball Game

Disclaimer: Please don’t take someone to a baseball game if they’ve never expressed interest in it. They could still be interested in going even if they don’t like the game, but make sure you talk about it first.

If you want to surprise your significant other with tickets to a baseball game, just try to subtly bring up the topic of going to a game before you purchase the tickets.
Baseball games can be really fun, even if you aren’t a fan of the sport, though!

Going to a game and taking in the whole atmosphere is an event in itself that even people who don’t like sports can still enjoy.

Springtime is baseball season, and any fan will be over the moon to go to a game on a nice sunny day. Games can also be a nice way to change up the usual atmosphere of a date. Instead of dressing to the nines and showing your best side, you get to wear baggy jerseys and cut loose a little.

7. Visit a Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is a great way to get fresh air and support your local community. Depending on where your local farmer’s market is, you may even be able to take a walk in the park after getting some lunch from one of the vendors at the market.

It’s a perfect and quaint date that won’t break the bank and will let you get to know your partner a little bit better. You can see what kinds of food or music they like based on how they interact with the market.

You can even get a little trinket to help commemorate the occasion, either with a piece of artwork, some matching jewelry, or perhaps something unique that represents your home area.

8. Kite Flying

Some people may say flying kites is just for kids, but honestly, playing kids’ games with your significant other is pretty fun.

While springtime is still usually too cold for the beach, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sand and waves at all. Bring some kites to the nearest beach and let them fly! You’ll still appreciate the salt and sea air without freezing your butt off.

Not to mention that kite flying is the best way to appreciate a clear day and sunny sky. Getting the hang of things may take some time, but that’s also part of the fun.

9. Find a U-Pick Orchard

U-pick fruit orchards are a really fun way to spend a sunny spring day. Not only do you get to know exactly where your produce is coming from, but you can also literally hand-pick each and every piece you take home.

It’s work, but you’ll also enjoy the fruit of your labor (hah!) and grow closer to your significant other. While you’re picking, you can discuss anything and everything under the sun and plan what to do with your bounty later. There are a million ways to enjoy fruit while spending quality time with your special someone.

The type of fruit in season can vary from month to month or even week to week, so if you’re interested in picking fruit, you’ll probably want to call ahead. The orchard will be able to let you know what they have and when the next crop will be in season so you can plan around your favorite fruits.

10. Splurge a little

Our final recommendation for the best spring date ideas is less of an activity and more of a suggestion. Since tax season is in March/ April, one way to treat your partner is to do something special with your tax return. 

If you’d like to do something together that’s a bit more spendy than you’d usually spend, spring is the best time to do it! Hopefully, you’ll have some extra cash to burn, so why not treat yourselves to a romantic date night? There won’t be a better time than after getting something extra from the IRS.

If these date ideas weren’t enough, check out our list of the top five date ideas ever! If you ever need some date night inspo, it’s a great place to start looking. They also aren’t limited by the season, so you can do them whenever you want.

What are your spring date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. All of these are great date ideas! I love walking through our local botanical garden too!

  2. I would like to learn more about the botanical gardens.

    1. They’re beautiful and a great place for photos!

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