I have only ever brought one girl home to meet the family. My cousins have met a few of the girls I have dated, but my mom has only met one. 

It’s different when it comes to Latino families. It’s not just meeting mom and dad. It’s meeting mom, dad, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma. And that’s just immediate family. Let’s not forget about all my second cousins who are going to call and inquire about my new girlfriend. It’s bringing them and watching as they are “interrogated” by everyone all at once. I felt so sick the first time. 

My mom always jokes how one day I will show up to her house with a wife. And if I am honest, it’s a possibility. 

So, first things first, you have to mentally prepare your significant other for the trial by fire they are about to endure. Give them a heads up about weird things your family is going to do. Cause while you think your family is super awesome and chill, they can be pretty intimidating to others, especially people you are dating. 

Introducing Your Significant Other Playbook

The Family Party 

While introducing your significant other to your whole family in one shot might sound insane, especially for those with bigger families, it limits the amount of one-on-one time they have with everyone. 

Your SO is bound to meet most everyone in your family over time but this gets the introduction out of the way and gives your family time to get to know your SO a little. And if things get a little too hectic or your SO needs a break, then you can always find a corner to hide in and maybe grab that one cool cousin you have that is super chill and who can carry a conversation. (Not recommended for introverts!!!)  

The Nonchalant Pick-Up 

The pick-up only works if you live with your parents. It’s a chance for your significant other to meet and talk to your parents when they come to pick you up for a date. Beware of possible intimidation. 

This is the classic prom trope that gets used in every movie ever. The boy shows up to pick up the girl for prom, and there waiting in the door is the dad and maybe a few of the dad’s friends. They “just want to talk.” Yeah, I’m thinking of the scene from Bad Boys 2 where Will Smith and Martin Lawerence intimidate the poor 15-year-old kid trying to pick up Martin’s daughter for a date. 

Skip this option if one of your parents likes to intimidate your SO. If you do have one of those parents, read “The Lunch Meet and Greet” option below. 

The Lunch Meet and Greet 

If your mom or dad is overprotective or has a tendency to try and ‘intimidate’ your significant other, then plan the meeting for lunch or dinner in a public space with plenty of witnesses. Also, let your SO know in advance that they might try something weird or overprotective. Give them time to prepare.

Letting your parents meet them first will make introducing them to the rest of the family later way easier. They won’t have to worry about your parents as much as they have already met them.   

The Hallmark Plan 

This is the fairytale ‘we have been friends for a long time, and my family already knows them’ plan. It happens. People get out of the friend-zone sometimes. Although they say that dating a friend can be tricky, one of the benefits is that your parents already know them, and hopefully like them. It sounds like a win-win to me. 

Just do it

If you want to introduce your significant other to your family, just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? Your family doesn’t like them? Sometimes getting the truth about who you are dating can sting, but accountability is an excellent tool of truth. 

There are times that I think back on and wish my cousins and friends had just been honest about how they felt about the person I was dating. Love truly makes you blind. But the best-case scenario is your family loves them. 

Either way, if you are serious about your relationship, then it shouldn’t feel like some horrid form of torture to introduce your SO to your family. Just try to prepare them as much as possible for the craziness of your family. But if they’re dating you, they probably have plenty of practice already.   

Extra Help: Introducing your SO during the holidays? Check this out for a little extra help.

What advice do you have for introducing your SO to your parents, friends and family?

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