Summer is the season of freedom (at least if you’re in school), and what better way to enjoy your freedom than with the person you love most? I’ve compiled a boatload of fun summer date ideas for you and your boo to make the most out of the season. Don’t worry. They’re wallet-friendly too! 

Technically, a lot of these ideas you can do year-round, but there’s something special about doing them in the summer.

Enjoy the great outdoors

The whole point of getting into the summer spirit is to enjoy the outdoors. Even if the weather is way too hot, there will still be some way to make the most of it and have a blast while you’re at it. 

Road trip/ day drip

Photo of a couple on a road trip with their dog.

One of our fun summer date ideas is to hit the road and pick somewhere to explore. Maybe even take some backroads. If you’re feeling particularly spontaneous, you can pack some overnight bags and drive wherever the road takes you. Stop when you need a break or just when something passing by catches your eye.

The journey is what’s important here rather than the destination. You’re there to enjoy your partner’s company and see something new. Enjoy letting go and seeing where life takes you.


Young people in love under stars of Milky Way Galaxy.

Is it really summer if you don’t go stargazing at least once? I think not. It seems like everyone has a special memory of their childhood when they looked up at the stars and pondered the vastness of all those little twinkling specks. 

Share the special tranquility of the sky with your significant other and even set a romantic mood with some cozy blankets and candles. Depending on where you are, it may be harder to see the stars in some areas over others. If you plan ahead, though, you should be able to find a good spot for some prime stargazing.

If you’re lucky, there may even be an astrological event you can take your partner to. Check out for a list of meteor showers near you. If there aren’t any, you can always brush up on your constellation knowledge and wow them with the myths surrounding whatever happens to be in the sky above you. 

Make a bonfire & roast s’mores

Young couple roasting marshmallows over bonfire.

Bonfires and s’mores are another of our amazing summer date ideas. They’re simple enough to plan for, yet there’s still something special about a night by the crackling fire. Whether you decide to have a group date or keep it to just the two of you, there’s really no way to go wrong with it.

If you’re bored with the same old- same old, you can always try to change things up. Either by getting creative with the s’mores recipe (peanut butter cups make a great change from regular chocolate bars), or you can try out some *magic flames which change the color of your fire! 

*Just make sure you’re not roasting anything over these open flames.

Find a firework show

Young couple enjoy firework during celebration festival on the beach.

Metaphorical fireworks don’t have to be the only ones you experience in your relationship this summer. Most of them will be happening in early July, but you may be able to find some smaller shows throughout the rest of summer, depending on the laws in your area.

Laying out under the sky with your special someone and waiting for the first big boom is magical. Something about the way the darkness falls and the lights flare up is a recipe for an unforgettable date night.

Get out on the water

Summers are known for being hot, and one of the best ways to cool down is definitely going to be hitting the water. 

Beach Picnic

Young couple enjoying a beach day picnic.

Beach picnics are the absolute best kind of picnic, and you can’t change my mind. Pack up a cooler of your favorite finger foods, then toss in some drinks and head for the nearest beach. Watermelon is, of course, a summer staple and adds something extra to the experience but grab whatever is easiest for you and enjoy the day.

Ideally, the ocean will have the best views, but most of us don’t really live near one of those. Luckily a lake or river will do just as well. Make sure you pack a blanket or some towels to spread everything out and grab some extra napkins. If things get messy, you won’t want to be sitting around feeling sticky.

Rent a boat/kayak

Two young people kayaking on lake together and smiling.

For these summer date ideas, you will want to avoid oceans at all costs. Oceans aren’t the most kayak/ leisure boat friendly. Most lakes, rivers, bays, etc., will probably have some sort of boat or kayak rental that you can take for a spin without bleeding your wallet dry.

Whether it’s a charter boat or even just a paddle boat, you’re guaranteed a good time as long as the company is good too. It will also be fun since the experience will likely be new for you and your beloved. 

Kayaking is a little less leisurely but so much fun for sightseeing along a lazy river. More experienced kayakers can try their luck with rapids for an even more heart-pumping experience.

Go inner tubing

Aerial view of couple relaxing on inflatable rings and floating in the water.

When you can’t afford to go to a lazy river at a fancy water park, find a natural one yourself! With a little internet sleuthing, you just might find a few options for the perfect river/ stream date. It’ll be just you, your date, and the cool water under you. Drinks are highly recommended. 

For even more fun, hit up your local sports supply store beforehand. You and your date can pick out each other’s tubes/ floats. FYI, some of the cheaper options can be pretty silly. Like this unicorn from Target for just $20!

Water fight

Filling colorful  water balloons with water

Water fights are the epitome of summer fun. Do I really need to say more?

When we were kids preparing for a water balloon fight was rough. Every balloon had to be filled and tied by hand, which was a pain- literally. Nowadays, though, there are pre-fitted balloons attached to tubes that will tie themselves once filled with water. All you need to do is attach the end to a hose and be ready to catch them as they fall!

Water guns are also a very fun summer date idea for those who don’t want to pick up balloon pieces and wish to have much less to clean up.

Whether you decide to one-v-one your partner or get a whole group and square off together, you really can’t go wrong with a water fight. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day and an excuse to see your s/o in a swimsuit. Win-win!

Get creative 

Showing off your creative side is a great way to show your significant other a new side they may not have seen before. Even if you don’t feel particularly creative, it can still be good to bond over shared disasters.

Make your own ice cream at home

Raspberry ice cream with berries and mint, served in glasses on an old wooden desk

Surprisingly, ice cream isn’t that hard to make. All you’ll need is heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, fine sea salt, vanilla extract, and/or your flavoring of choice. You can buy ice cream makers that will churn it for you, but you can also just shake it up by hand.

Whether you stick with the totally DIY route or buy an ice cream maker, challenge yourself and your partner to make the best -or weirdest- ice cream flavors you can! Even if they end up inedible (although it’s hard to mess up the flavors as long as you don’t mess up the salt), it will still be a memorable date night.

Create chalk art murals

Young woman holding chalk next to colorful mural.

If your creativity is more traditional, you can check out the craft aisle instead of the baking aisle! Buckets of chalk are pretty cheap but will still make for some fun summer date ideas. You and your partner can let your creativity flow and draw whatever comes to mind.

Summer is the ideal season for chalk art since it doesn’t usually rain, even in the wettest of areas (including the pacific northwest!).

Explore locally

You won’t be the only one looking to get out and do more this summer. Odds are your community will be hosting events too. With a little research, you should be able to find something that you and your significant other will enjoy.

Find an outdoor theater

Actor during the play in outdoor theatre.

Ever heard of Shakespeare in the park? Well, Shakespeare isn’t the only play you may find there! Outdoor theaters may not be the most well-known, but there are usually dedicated communities that love to show off their craft to the public for low-admission fees.

A quick google search will point you in the right direction and let you know if there’s a local theater troupe that performs outdoors and even when their next performance is! Broaden your horizons while watching Othello, or you might get lucky and find an original work your bg/gf will love even more.

Botanical garden/ flower field

man taking a photo of cactus in botanical garden with woman standing beside him

For our last summer date idea, really get to know your local flora. Flower fields are a beautiful way to enjoy vast gardens without doing the gardening yourself. If there aren’t any in your area, though, you’ll still probably be able to find a botanical garden with a beautiful collection of plants and maybe even some birds.

Either way, if your partner has a green thumb, they will love seeing the new plants.

Think outside the box

Whatever summer date you end up taking your partner on, remember that it is the thought that counts, and try not to stress. Maybe some dates aren’t as great as others, but that’s okay. You’ll still get to experience something new with the person you love and make irreplaceable memories.

If you’re worried about who you’ll take on one of these amazing dates, check out our blog all on asking someone out!

What are your perfect summer date ideas? 

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