Nike has the best response to the good ol’ question “how do I accomplish a goal.” Their motto is the answer: JUST DO IT. But because we are human, something this simple isn’t enough. We need to take it a step further and set goals for our goals. Yes, you read that correctly. Our goals need goals. So here I am to shed some light on how to set and actually accomplish a goal. You’re welcome.

Step 1: Read this blog

All of it. No skimming.

Sept 2: Put your phone down

Unless your goal is to break the world-record for staring at a phone, you’ll more than likely need to focus your time and energy on what you’re trying to accomplish. Nothing sucks more time out of your day than you scrolling through social media for the 150th time. So, put the phone down. Look at all that time you just cleared up.

Step 3: Write down your goal

Write it down somewhere you can see it. Put it on your fridge, in the bathroom, on the mirror, write in on the wall with permanent marker. And, OK fine, pick up your phone and write in there too.

Step 4: Take baby steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you accomplish your goal in one day. Trying to run a marathon? Start by getting off your couch and putting clothes on. Congratulations you took your first step! Now move on to actually getting out of the house. Then by walking around the block. Then by picking up the pace a little. Do a 5k, even if you walk most of it. Join a running club. Get on a program.

Step 5: Be accountable

Tell your spouse, your mom, your friends, your coworkers and your dog what you’re trying to accomplish and let them hold you accountable. That way if you start to slack off, you’ll have way too many people judging you, and you’ll have to get back on track.

Step 6: Track your progress

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing progress? Like heck yeah! Keep a chart, pick up your phone again and download an app that tracks goals, make a checklist. Do something so you can see how you’re growing.

Step 7: Celebrate your milestones

Refer to Step 6.

Now that you’re tracking your progress, you’ll have some milestones. If you’re out to lose some weight, reward yourself for every 5 pounds you lose. If you’re out to run that marathon, reward yourself for every extra mile you added to your run. You get the point. The more milestones you cross, the better the reward. And each time you accomplish a milestone, you definitely need to do a little (or big) dance.

Step 8: Accomplish your goal

Congratulations! After going through the first seven steps, you made it to the end. You did it! Time to majorly celebrate. Tell the world how awesome you are. Cause you really are awesome. Get started on your journey today. Before you know it, you’ll go from being like this…

To this…

You will get out of this life, what you put in and nothing more. So if you want something to happen, go out there and make it happen. And share your successes with me so I can give you a big pat on the back.


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