It’s safe to say that no one likes disrespect. I’ve seen my fair share of fights on the basketball court because someone was being mad and disrespectful. I’ve seen retail employees finally lose it on disrespectful Karens who have never been told no. It’s the human response to fight fire with fire. You’re disrespectful to me, so I’ll return it right back to you. But that isn’t going to get you anywhere. All it does is sour your mood and ruin your day. Instead, you should realize that showing respect, remaining civil, and being kind is always the best action. Although, taking the high road is easier said than done when someone is in your face. So here are some tips on talking to someone who doesn’t respect you.

Kill ’em With Kindness

There is a wide range of reactions to disrespect, but nothing is better than killing with kindness. Have you ever seen the face of someone intentionally being a sh**head, and you just shower them in kindness? Priceless. Taking the high road isn’t easy, especially when the person is in your face, but at least you won’t stoop down to their level. I wholeheartedly believe that if you need to feel smug and self-righteous to kill them with kindness, then do it. Get on your high horse and let it be known!

Don’t Take It Personally

I have this superpower where I couldn’t care less what others think about me. If someone has an irrational issue with me, it is entirely their problem until they make it mine. Not taking insults or disrespect personally is the best thing I’ve done for my mental health. If someone says something rude or disrespectful about it, remember that it speaks more about them than it has anything to do with you. Being a “mean girl” always seems to be about attention. When you have nothing to say or contribute, it’s easy to be mean and disrespectful for attention. So try not to take it personally.

Get Some Advice

I always ask for advice if I don’t know what to do about a certain situation. Outside of my friends and peers, I always try to have someone in my life who I can go to for advice. Someone with more life or career experience than me. Seeking guidance seems obvious, but I sometimes forget it’s an option. Asking someone what you should and shouldn’t do can alleviate some of the stress from the situation. The solution to your problem may be much more apparent than you think. I can get so wrapped up in the situation that I overthink, so having someone tell you it’s easier than you think can be nice.


Just because you should take the high road and be kind does not mean you should sit there and take disrespect. Standing up for yourself is always an option. Talking to someone who doesn’t respect you is going to take some confrontation. Confrontation shouldn’t be aggressive, rude, disrespectful, or mean. It’s not a prison fight. You can be firm while also being respectful and kind. Don’t yell, name-call, or get physical. Ask them why they have a problem with you. You can also ask them to step aside to have a conversation instead of doing it in front of people. Just express your feelings and why you felt disrespected or offended. You can stand up for yourself while not stooping to their level.

Dealing With Disrespect

Not everyone in the world is going to like you, and that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean you should have to take disrespect. Take the high road, kill them with kindness, and watch the confusion crumple up their faces. And remember not to take it personally. Being rude speaks more about them than it does about you. If it is an ongoing issue, seek guidance and advice on dealing with and confronting the person being disrespectful towards you. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with disrespect at some point in our lives. Hopefully, these tips will help when someone tries to ruin your day.

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