It can be easy to forget a special occasion is coming up that you need to get your partner a gift for. There are 365 days a year, and only a handful of those days require presents. If you’ve let a few too many of those days pass by, don’t worry. I’ve got a great list of last-minute gifts for your significant other they’re sure to love.

(While these are gifts for your partner, a lot of them are still great for pretty much anyone else in your life too!)

What makes a good gift?

A great present isn’t necessarily something you spend a lot of time planning or spending a lot of money on. A great gift makes the person you’re giving it to feel special and heard, even if that present happened to be put together the day of at the last minute.

A good gift doesn’t make your person smile awkwardly and say, “it’s the thought that counts.” They won’t have to because they already know you were thinking of them.

Event tickets

Thanks to the magic of mobile technology, you can usually snag event tickets and print them at home instantly. With the right search, you’ll have plenty of phenomenal last-minute gifts with seconds to spare.

True, you won’t have much of a “wow factor” when wrapping up your gift, but you’ll still get brownie points for gifting something you can do together. Experiences make for amazing gifts that don’t take a lot of time to prepare in advance. Plus, there are so many different options.

Concert tickets are no-brainers for music lovers, but there are a bunch of other events too. Comedy shows, Ted Talks, conventions, poetry readings, and guided painting classes are just a few options. If you look hard enough, there is going to be something your partner will love to do. And they’ll love it even more if you do it with them.

The great thing about giving someone tickets to something is that when the event finally arrives, you can make a whole night out of it and make it even better.

Offer to pay for something specific 

If there is something you know your partner has been wanting, offer to pay for it. Letting them choose what they want means you don’t need to have it prepared in advance and it can be a nice bonding experience if it’s something they need to pick out in person. 

I usually do this for things that are a little more expensive or might need a more personal touch. Examples include a new laptop, a specific instrument, or a passport.

It may not feel like the most personal gift but it will still mean a lot to your partner. It shows them that you are aware of the things they need/ want and you’re willing to help them get those things. Especially things they might not splurge on themselves.  

There are a lot of things that can make for great last-minute gifts. As long as you involve your person in the process somehow it won’t feel like you didn’t get them anything either. 

Just make sure you do some research on what the cost will be before you offer to buy something. It’s not a great look to offer to buy someone a new drawing tablet then back out because you expected them to only be $60. 

Plan a weekend getaway 

While planning a trip might take some time, it can usually be done in a single day if you have a good idea of where you want to go. Short trips especially make for great last-minute gifts.

First, you’ll need to pick where you want to go; after that, you can work backward. How will you get there? When will you go? What will you need when you’re there? This is an especially great gift for the people in your life who are used to being planners.

If you need something physical to give them, type up a quick itinerary with general dates and times. It doesn’t have to be exact, and you’ll definitely want to keep things at least a little flexible so your person can give input themselves.

Anyone would be over the moon to get a gift like this, and I highly recommend it.

Even if you don’t go far away or spend much money, the fact that you planned everything out for them will show them that you’re happy putting time into thinking of them. Whether you head to the beach or take a quick road trip, your partner will love it.


For the book lover in your life, you can give them the gift of an eBook!

Most books nowadays are conveniently released as eBooks for a lower cost than their paperback cousins, which is great for anyone who forgot to do their shopping ahead of time. Or for anyone shopping on a budget.

There are literally millions of options to choose from that can be theirs at the touch of a button. Just peruse your significant other’s bookshelf if you don’t already know their favorite author and see if any online titles catch your eye. You can look for books through genre to try and spark a new interest too. 

If you aren’t sure which book to get them, you can also get them a subscription to services like That way, they can choose their own books on their own time while you still get to give them something personal.

In a similar vein, you can also pay for their Spotify subscription for a few months too. 

Before you start gifting everyone eBooks, make sure they can read them. People who don’t use a lot of technology probably aren’t going to appreciate the digital present as much as someone who has a dedicated reading tablet.

Subscription Boxes

Slightly different from subscription services like Audible and Spotify are subscription services. There are tons out there with all sorts of products ready to be shipped. While the physical box may not make it in time for the holiday itself, you’ll still be able to let them know it’s coming, which is why they’re great last-minute gifts.

There is a subscription box for everything. If you can dream it, it probably exists. There’s a box for snacks, sweets, meats, books, candles, socks, heck, you can even find one for doomsday prep gear.

If you’re more into experiences, subscription boxes are also available! Hunt a Killer started making a name for itself as a murder mystery subscription service a few years ago. Anyone can sign up for a series of boxes mailed each month that will lead you through a murder investigation.

Figure out the who, what, when, and where of an unsolved case on your own time!

Other ideas

If none of these suggestions are what you’re looking for, check out our other blogs. We even have one of the best gifts for the people who have everything. Those gifts may not be ready quite as quickly as these, but they might help you find the perfect present. 

Have you ever given any last-minute gifts that ended up being a hit? Let us know in the comments below!

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