So you want to travel but are too broke to go through with it? Yeah, same. I’m seeing all of my friends getting married, having kids, or traveling the world. And yet, I am, somehow, at home not doing any of those things. Granted, I only want to do one of those right now. But I just finished school and just started to make money, how am I supposed to travel like everyone around me? The first step is that I have to accept the fact that I may not be able to go to Greece and have the trip I want right now at this point in my life. It doesn’t mean I can’t start thinking about it and start to plan it. It simply means I have to live within my means (which sucks), meaning that instead of a long trip far far away maybe I take a day trip or staycation. 

Enjoy a Staycation

Staycations are pretty awesome. The city you live in seems to drastically change when you stay in a hotel on the other side of town. Do all the fun stuff that you take for granted because you live there. Growing up in South Florida, I never went to the beach unless I was forced to go with family. (I really hate sand.) So I planned a trip to the Keys with my friends and experienced my state from the perspective of a tourist. Well, I had way more fun. Or maybe you can wait for a fun event to come to your city, like a concert or comedy show and plan a weekend around it.  We tend to think that we know our city. So eventually, we get bored of it, however, if you go into a staycation with the same explorative sense of adventure that you would have had had you gone somewhere else. Then maybe, just maybe you’ll be surprised by all the fun you might have from home. You just have to treat it like a real vacation. So what do you enjoy? 

Plan around food

I like to plan around food. I love food. I live by the philosophy that eating food is an activity we do at least three times a day, every day so I might as well enjoy it, right? So I will look up the best places to eat and plan around them and fill the gaps between meals with boring stuff like hiking, museums, and sight-seeing. Okay…they aren’t boring per se, but food is the best. There is nothing quite like going somewhere and eating what they are known for. Going to Miami? You’d be a dummy if you didn’t go out to eat some seafood or some Cuban food. It’s like traveling to Chicago and not trying deep dish at least once before you leave. It’s almost sacrilegious. 

Check out ResortPass

Not looking to go out and do stuff? I get that. ResortPass is this cool website that lets you buy a day pass to a resort for pretty cheap. They have different packages that offer various amenities. You get access to all the cool perks of staying in a hotel without actually staying. So if all you want is to unwind by the pool, sipping on a Piña Colada, reading a book, then this is the best option for you. I went one time and got a day pass for $35 and chilled all day on the beach and relaxed. 

Travel with a group

If you don’t want to go on vacation alone, then check out tour groups or travel groups. I know, it sounds a little weird, but you might be surprised at the people you might meet. Another great way to meet new people is by staying at a hostel. They are usually cheaper and have an array of people coming and going. You might have to be a little more social than expected, but it can be a fun experience.

If I’m completely honest, my ideal staycation is to lock myself in my room, take long naps, eat an asinine amount of Chinese food, and watch movies till my eyes hurt. And when my eyes start to hurt looking at the TV screen, then I will binge whatever book is closest to me. 


I’ll leave the comfort of my room every once in a while to let people know that I am indeed alive. It’s like my version of a system reboot. Sometimes, you need to restart your brain. For me, that means no human interaction and getting lost in some weird, wacky book or tv show. But if that sounds like literal hell to you (I’m looking at you extroverts) then simply remember there is always something to do. You just need to be like Dora. Go explore. Grab your Boots and go. I’ve recently moved to the Chicago area, and there is so much that I already want to do.

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