If you’re one of the lucky Americans, you received your $1,400 stimulus check today or will be receiving it very soon. Lots of people are expecting this cash and are making plans…

And of course our personal favorite…

Before you buy $1,400 in whales, owls, or chicken nuggets, here are 10 ideas to help make the most of your stimulus check.

#1 – Pay Your Bills

I know paying bills is no fun. It’s the part of adulting that SUCKS. Use some of the money to pay down a credit card balance or pay your bills early (or on time). Even though it’s boring, it’ll make you feel a little less stressed. 

#2 – Start an Emergency Fund

Did you know that the standard emergency fund is three to six months of living expenses? This lump of cash is a great way to start or add to that emergency fund. And next time the world gets shaken and turned upside down or the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll have some funds to help you get through it.

#3 – Show Your Vehicle Some Love

If you’ve been putting off having some repairs done to your car, now is a great time to get it done. The more you put it off, the more it’s going to cost you at the end. Use some of the stimulus money to get your car in tip-top shape. 

#4 – Update your Room or Apartment

Tired of looking at the same ol’ stuff for the last year? Use part of your stimulus check to spruce the place up. Turn your space into the room of your dreams. Check out these Tips for Decorating on a Budget to get your started. 

#5 – Donate to Charity

Charities all around the world are working hard to provide services to people in need. Donate to your favorite charity. Every little bit helps.

#6 – Invest It

Maybe now is the time to get into stocks. You can teach yourself how to buy stocks or work with a financial advisor to get yourself going. 

#7 – Plan a Date Night

Now’s the time to sweep your SO off their feet. Plan that super romantic date night you’ve always wanted. Take him/her/they to their favorite spot and shower them with love. Here are our Top 5 Date Ideas in case you need ’em.

#8 – Splurge a Little

Treat yourself right. Set some money aside to splurge on a new wardrobe, new shoes, a spa day, new gaming equipment or whatever makes you happy.

#9 – Support Local Business

Buy a gift card for a local restaurant or other small business. That will provide the business with much-needed cash, and you can use the gift card to treat yourself or someone else to a nice meal or massage. It’s a win-win.

#10 – Invest in Yourself

Improve your professional skills by taking an online training or certification class to learn a new skill or master an old one. Check out Masterclass and learn from the world’s best.  

What will you be doing with your stimulus check? 

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