Death, who takes the form of a young man, asks a media mogul to act as a guide to teach him about life on Earth, and in the process, he falls in love with his guide’s daughter.

An Oldie but a Goodie

Meet Joe Black might be older than some of you guys. It was released in 1998, the same year Google was founded. Reviews for this movie are torn down the middle. Either you like it, or you hate it. In my humble opinion, the people who don’t like it have no taste in good movies.

At just shy of three hours, it’s a long one and a little slow-paced, but that’s because of the mood of the movie. It’s about life, love, and death. It stars Brad Pitt in his younger days. He plays the role of Joe Black, who represents death incarnate.

Quick Synopsis

One day, Joe shows up on the doorstep of a wealthy businessman, Bill Parish, played by Anthony Hopkins. Bill’s 65th birthday is just around the corner, and he’s been having chest pains as of late and wondering if his time is coming to an end. Joe is there to carry him to “the other side.”

Before Joe carries out his assignment to take Bill, he decides that he wants to learn more about the living and strikes a deal with Bill. The agreement is that Bill will be Joe’s “tour guide,” and Joe won’t take Bill till after his birthday celebration. BTW, Joe took over the body of a guy who was killed earlier that morning who coincidentally had been flirting with BIll’s daughter, Susan. So imagine her surprise when she sits down to dinner and sees Mr. Good Looking again.

Along the way, Susan and Joe fall in love. Let that sit for a minute.

Final Thoughts

Imagine falling in love with death. WTF?! And this crazy thing right here is one of the things that makes Meet Joe Black so good.

Check it out and let me know what you think. And be sure to check out last month’s movie choice, Knives Out.

Watch it on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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