The movie of the month is Marvel’s Eternals, and let me tell you how excited I have been for this movie to come out. Between this, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange, I have been on the edge of my seat patiently waiting, and the payoff was worth it for my nerdy self. I won’t be surprised if people, whose only experience with Marvel is the MCU, think this movie isn’t that great. Because honestly, the plot is kind of basic if you took it out of the context of Marvel. But I’ll get into that soon enough. 

Rating: 3.8 out 5 Stars


Eternals is a setup movie for all of the crazy things to come in the MCU. Because of that, the movie feels a little lackluster when it comes to the overall plot. It leaves you with more questions than answers. The movie felt like a long post-credit scene. In the end, you just wanted more information. You didn’t want the screen to go black, but it left you excited for whatever may come. Whoever hired Kevin Feige to control the direction of the MCU deserves an award because Kevin Feige is a genius. It’s a weird feeling because if the movie weren’t part of the MCU, it wouldn’t be as good as it is, but because we know what Marvel is capable of, we know the story we will get to watch is worth it. 

All of this is to say. This movie is two hours and thirty-seven minutes of exposition for Phase 4 of the MCU. (But in the best possible way.) 

Spoilers (My random thoughts and questions) 

  • So we know that the Eternals weren’t affected by the Snap, but Thanos said after he snapped that he could have been affected as well. Does this imply he isn’t an Eternal like in the comics? But the post-credit scene that introduces his brother, Eros, states that Eros is an Eternal. Am I overthinking this like the nerd I am? Probably. Or maybe Thanos’ background and origin will be the bridge that connects Endgame into Phase Four of the MCU. And after Loki, how does Kang the Conqueror fit into all of this? Are Celestials and the multiverse all happening all at the same time?
  • Let’s not forget the absolute whirlwind of relationships that happen in this movie. You watch the trailers and think you will be on team Ikaris and Sersi, but talk about being in a toxic relationship with someone who gaslights you. Sersi, girl, you could have done so much better. Druig and Makkiri felt like they didn’t get enough screen time, but they are cute. Gilgamesh and Thena would have probably been the best couple if not for Phastos and his husband. Phastos gave up on humanity after the invention and use of the atomic bomb, but his husband and son helped him regain some faith in humanity. Plus, they are a cute family.
  • Harry Styles and Kit Harrington are now in the MCU, and I cannot wait to see more of them, especially Kit. I’m a fan of Black Knight. 

Power Ranking

The Eternals powers were so cool, and I think everyone got a chance to highlight theirs pretty well. But which one would I pick? 

#10: Ikaris

When someone can shoot lasers out of their eyes, fly, and is super strong, the first thing that comes to mind is Superman, which is fair. But Ikaris felt more like Omni-Man from Invincible. (If you haven’t watched this series, do it. Be warned. It is super violent and gory.) There’s not much to say about Ikaris, though. He is the strongest of them all and has some basic powers. Where’s the fun in that?

#9: Ajak

Ajak didn’t get a lot of action time, but healing wounds is pretty sick. It’s a basic support power but useful nonetheless. It’s not my cup of tea. 

#8: Sersi

Sersi had a cool power. It was alchemy minus the FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s law of equivalent exchange. She could change one thing into another, which is probably uber helpful in day-to-day life but not so great in combat. 

#7: Makkiri

Makkiri whooped some butt in that last fight. She didn’t win, but she put in some work. I don’t think I could be a speedster, though. I would trip on something and eat it. I’m just thankful they showed her doing more than just running fast. She got creative with her speed, and that was pretty awesome to see. 

#6: Druig

Druig has the scariest power. He can take over people’s minds, and he made it sound like he could take over the whole world if he wanted to, which is terrifying. I wouldn’t want this power because it’s too much of a temptation. Power corrupts. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Some smart person. (Although the best fictional character with mind control powers is Shinso from My Hero Academia.) 

#5: Gilgamesh

Big strong man punch hard! I like about this more than Ikaris, though, that just punching hard isn’t enough. You have to learn how to fight, so there is a bit of a challenge that comes with it.

#4: Thena

Swords are cool. Being able to materialize a bladed weapon and then use it is even cooler. A level of finesse comes with this power that is just pleasing to the eye, but nobody has time to master fighting with a sword, spear, dagger, and shield. I’m not immortal. (I almost made an eternal joke but stopped myself. Say you’re proud of me, please.)

#3: Sprite

Illusion magic is always the best. Just look at Loki, but there is too much thinking involved. You always have to be outthinking everyone. You have to be clever with your power, and that’s honestly just too much work. I want something easy but still looks cool with finesse. 

# 2: Phastos

Phastos easily has the most diverse and adaptable power, and that’s just because he is really smart at building machines. I’m assuming he built those things he used in the last fight, which don’t make them his power but a byproduct of it. They felt like Shang-chi’s rings mixed with Tony Stark’s nanotech. But building things takes time, so I’ll pass. 

#1: Kingo

By far, the funniest power is Kingo’s. He shoots light bullets with finger guns. Could you imagine seeing a guy in battle just shooting down enemies with finger guns? It’s both the most badass and funniest thing you could imagine. Kingo is always strapped and ready, making him feel like a cowboy, which I’m all for if given a chance. He might have the silliest, on paper, power, but it works. It’s not the most practical power or most useful in day-to-day life, but who cares? I like it.

I enjoyed the movie

Eternals outside of the MCU is a boring and easily predictable plot that doesn’t leave you with much to desire. Internal family strife tears them apart. The powerful hardcore zealot is bad, they were lied to from the beginning, but love triumphs over everything, and they beat the big bad doomsday guy before he consumes the world. But, in the context of the MCU, this movie is good. It’s exposition with a bit of zest of teasing and intrigue thrown in to keep you wanting more. I can’t wait to see what happens in Phase Four.        

And if you aren’t a Marvel fan (cause Superhero movies are dumb), then check out some more of our movie recommendations. I can’t praise Meet Joe Black more. Words don’t do it justice. 


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