Valentine’s Day is a week away, so if you forgot about it, you are very welcome for the reminder. Oh, by the way, the Super Bowl is the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, so whoever thought that was a good idea can do us all a favor and take a hike. Having one of the biggest yearly sports events on the same weekend as Valentine’s Day is asking for a fight. Seriously NFL, what were you thinking. Okay, I’m done complaining. (Shoutout to everyone who won’t get to watch it.) 

But with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially during this pandemic that will never end. And if you are a last-minute planner like me, then you might not be able to get the dinner reservations you want, and maybe you don’t want to break the bank over a fake holiday. (Ask me how I feel about Valentine’s Day.) 

Tips for Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to break the bank 

Some want it all on Valentine’s Day; the big teddy bear, the endless bouquets of roses, a fancy candlelit dinner with the string quartet playing softly in the background, and some crazy expensive gift to top it all off. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got it like that. I’m lucky to buy my rent, groceries, and utilities. But the one thing I’ve learned is that most people don’t want all that nonsense on Valentine’s Day. If you put some thought and care into planning, then your significant other will be happy. 

What it comes down to is communicating your expectations with each other. Talk about what you would like to happen and what is realistically viable. Maybe you get your partner the big teddy bear and a nice dinner, and that’s it. Maybe you cook them dinner and buy their favorite ice cream. 

Make your Significant Other feel seen

Do I think Valentine’s Day is just some chance for corporations to make more money? Absolutely, but it’s also nice to think that there is a whole day in the year where you are trying to make your significant other feel extra special. (Also, you should buy your boyfriend flowers too and watch them be dumbfounded and speechless. They will love it.)

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that you get to double down and make your partner feel seen and appreciated. A bouquet of their favorite flowers, some of their favorite candy, maybe go and do that one thing they’ve wanted to do for so long but haven’t had the time. (Whatever it may be.) Show them that you see them and don’t take them for granted.  

Go full corny

Go full corny! If you can’t be completely corny with your partner, then what’s the point. Be the couple that makes the Twitter haters sick with jealousy. If you can get someone to post this in a Twitter thread, you are probably winning in life. I’m not saying you should be full-on making out with them in public cause nobody wants to see that. But make them feel butterflies again. Flirt with them like you did when you first met. Write them a cheesy poem or love letter. Go all out. What’s stopping you? It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the whole point; otherwise, the holiday truly is a waste.

Blank slate

This tidbit of advice is more towards new relationships, but this is a fresh start. So please, for the love of everything good in the world, don’t compare your Valentine’s Day to past ones or even to other’s day. Instead, sit back and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your significant other. 

A blank slate is also a perfect chance for you to start a new tradition with your partner. Do some cutesy stuff that you can look forward to in the years to come. Whether it’s going to the same restaurant or thinking of something super cute and creative (Don’t look at me for an example. Those are trade secrets. You’re on your own here. Good luck!)

Remember to have fun

It’s so easy to overthink and put a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day. While you should talk with your significant other about your expectations for the day, you shouldn’t overthink them. It’ll just drag the mood down when you should be having fun. Valentine’s Day is all about making your partner feel special and seen. Whether that’s a gift or being corny doesn’t matter. Just have fun and be in the moment. 

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