Father’s Day is coming up soon! If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering what you can do for your dad to show him how much you appreciate him. My dad- like many others- is notoriously hard to shop for, and it seems like most of the time when I get him things, they collect dust and hardly ever get used. 

That’s why I wanted to put together a list of things you can do for your dad to show him your thanks. Things that are a little different than slapping a bow on a new power tool he may or may not ever use. 

Treat dad to a nice dinner

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That might be meant for romantic contexts but show me a person who would turn down a good meal from their kid. 

Whether you make it all from scratch or have it prepared from his favorite restaurant, he’ll be one happy dad at the end of the day. It doesn’t even have to be a whole meal – getting a specific dish or dessert can be enough. It will still be greatly appreciated because you took the effort to put it together for him. 

Word to the wise! Father’s Day reservations can fill up quickly, so it’s probably a good idea to just grab takeout. You can also make the meal yourself. (Most dads will probably prefer a more lowkey day anyway but to each his own.) 

Takeover a home project for him

Is there something your dad has been meaning to do for a long time? Get it done for him! 

A lot of dads have at least one project or task they’ve been meaning to do but never seem to actually complete. For my dad, it’s usually related to yard work or minor home renovations. For your dad, maybe he’s been meaning to build a small set of stairs for your dog. Or maybe there’s a squealing car part he’s been meaning to replace.  

A great way to show your appreciation this Father’s Day can be to take that task off his mind. It can be a huge relief not having to worry about it anymore. It also shows him that you pay attention to him and want to make his life easier, even if you butt heads sometimes. 

Depending on the task, it may be easier to complete ahead of time. Then you can make a big reveal on Father’s Day itself, but that’s up to you and your availability.

Ask him to teach you something new

Most parents love feeling like you need them. Honestly, it’s nice to feel needed, even if you aren’t a parent. *One of the best ways to show someone that you need them is to ask them to teach you something. 

Whatever you ask him to teach you doesn’t have to be super complicated. Heck, you could just ask him to teach you how to grill a steak, and he’d probably be happy to show off what he knows. The important thing is the time you spend together and the knowledge that he gets to impart to you. Figuratively speaking, it can feel like passing a torch onto the younger generation… Even if, in reality, you’re just fixing a shelf together.

Every dad dreams of the things he gets to teach you when you’re younger. Things like riding a bike or teaching you to drive a car. Those special moments don’t have to end when you’re a kid/ teenager. You’re always going to need your dad. Show him that by asking him to teach you something new even after you’re all grown up.

*Keep in mind that rolling up to your Father’s Day celebration and saying, “my gift to you is letting you teach me something,” may sound a bit weird. If you want to go that route, I suggest phrasing it as a project you can work on together. Then you can also offer to provide the supplies yourself. 

Take him fishing

If you just can’t think of anything else to do for your dad, you can always take him fishing. Fishing is a staple bonding activity for dads and a nice day trip into the great outdoors, if nothing else. 

For families who don’t already own the gear needed for fishing, don’t worry. There are usually a few tackle shops or sports stores that will rent out fishing poles and other gear you’ll need. 

If you do go fishing, make sure you prepare the necessary fishing license in advance. You don’t want to get in trouble with the Department of Fish & Wildlife! If you aren’t sure where to get them, you can buy licenses online or purchase them locally at various stores and even some gas stations in your area.

Whether you go all out on a charter trip or just head to your local river and plunk some poles down in the sand, your dad will definitely appreciate the quality time. Not to mention the chance to show off his fishing skills!

If you’re looking for some more traditional ways to show your dad some love on Father’s Day, check out our suggestions from last year. You’ll find simple celebration suggestions and advice on picking the perfect gift too.

What are your plans for dad this Father’s Day?

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