There have been ways to mess with your friends through every iteration of the popular Nintendo game as you battle with characters like Mario, Samus, and Zelda. Despite the changes to stages, items, and characters, there will always be players who have a mischievous streak and have more fun by screwing up other people than they do by winning themselves. As new games are released for new consoles with an ever-expanding roster, the possibilities are almost endless.

Character choice

How exactly do you go about trolling your friends, in Smash Bros., though? It all comes down to character choice. Sure, there are a few tricks you can play on your friends with items or simply grabbing them, but have you ever been launched off the stage by an objectively weak character or juggled by Fox? There are a number of good characters you can use when you’re feeling a little delinquent and want to mess with your friends. It will be harder to pull off depending on how experienced you and your friends are with the game, but for casual players, everyone can get a good laugh with the right amount of trolling.

Trolling your friends with Kirby

For me, the ultimate troll character is and always will be Kirby. Usually, an average character in terms of skill and character rankings, Kirby’s special defensive move is sucking people up and swallowing them. Commonly this is used to clone another character’s defensive move, but that’s not the only thing you can do with a swallowed character. In a move dubbed “Kirbycide”, you can stand near the edge of a stage (this doesn’t work very well if the stage is totally flat) and wait until another player approaches. Once they are near enough, you can suck them up and jump off the edge of the stage. If they don’t manage to break out in time, both you and the player will die. The move is self-destructive and fairly pointless unless you want to give your other friends a bit of a laugh and temporarily infuriate the unfortunate soul you took down with you.

Trolling your friends with Yoshi

Yoshi can also be a bit of a troll character. He has a move that works similarly to Kirby’s, where you can suck up another player. Yoshi is different because instead of cloning another character’s ability, he just ejects them trapped in an egg. Again, standing near the edge of the stage and swallowing an opponent, trap your prey in an egg. If you are near enough to the edge of the stage, the egg will fall rapidly towards the bottom of the screen and eliminate anyone who can’t break out quickly enough. It’s similar but, in my opinion, less fun than Kirbycide.

To sum it up

There are tons of other characters to mess around with, depending on which version of Smash Bros. you have. The earlier games don’t have nearly as many characters, but most versions do have at least Kirby and Yoshi. The more characters there are, the more options you have to discover silly ways to defeat and kill your friends’ characters. It’s important to remember not to overdo it since it can be infuriating to fall for the same trick over and over again. I recommend trolling sparingly to avoid genuinely hurt feelings or discouraging your friends from playing against you in the future. Messing with someone can be a great way to alleviate tension or cheer someone up in the right situation.

Please remember that with great trolling comes great responsibility.

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