No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


I sold my townhouse back in July. The moving company hauled my stuff to storage in the middle of July, but I stuck around in my empty home for another two weeks, as my closing wasn’t until the end of the month. My neighbor, noticing that my stuff was gone, but I was still there, came over one day and handed me all kinds of home-cooked meals because he was concerned I was only eating takeout, and that’s no way to live.

I could’ve cried. It was the nicest thing anyone could have done for me at the moment.

He and his wife showed me pure kindness – they were helpful, generous, and considerate – all while expecting nothing in return.

While we shouldn’t need a reason to be kind to others, there are benefits to being kind. It’s good for your mind and body. It boosts the chemicals in the brain that give you feelings of satisfaction and well-being; it decreases anxiety, increases self-esteem, and improves your mood.

So, if you want a happy and healthy life, start spreading kindness. Here are a few ways to get you started:

  1. Share a kind word or hug someone who needs it. 
  2. Smile at someone you don’t know.
  3. Listen to others without interrupting.
  4. Take the time to teach someone a skill.
  5. Encourage someone’s dream. No matter how big or how small.
  6. Check on someone who seems lonely. You never know what they’re going through.
  7. Do something nice for your neighbor or someone in need – like pick up some groceries for them.
  8. Have a new neighbor? Welcome them to the neighborhood with a housewarming gift.
  9. Give the gift of life. Donate blood this holiday season.
  10. Donate gently used items.
  11. Give the gift of warmth by visiting a homeless shelter and donating gloves, coats, blankets, socks, or hats.
  12. Inspire kindness online. 
  13. Friends, family, or neighbors going out of town? Give them a lending hand by taking care of their pet.
  14. Give someone a hand by helping them with a chore, creating a care package, offering to babysit, etc.
  15. Pay for someone’s train ticket. It’ll definitely make their day and yours.
  16. Pay someone’s parking meter that’s expiring.
  17. Pay for a meal or hot drink for a person in need. Some restaurants have awesome programs in place where you can prepay a meal.
  18. If you have a good book you’ve read that’s just sitting around or on a shelf, lend it to a friend.
  19. In a world bombarded with bad news, spread some good news.
  20. Send flowers to cheer someone up.
  21. Tidy up a public space by picking up garbage you see.
  22. Cook a hearty soup for someone who is sick.
  23. Give a card to a co-worker. Let them know how much you appreciate them.
  24. Send a nice text or handwritten note to someone you know and make their day.
  25. Volunteer at a hospital, homeless shelter, nursing home, or local food bank.

There you have it, 25 ways to spread kindness and happiness and make others’ day way better.

Also, be sure to check out this Kindness Matters guide for more ideas, advantages, and tips to being kind. And, take some time to be kind to yourself, learn to practice daily mindfulness.


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