Tiktok’s user base has boomed over the past few years, even hitting over 1 billion active users in 2021. With all those people on the app, that also means many creators are working to make content. That’s why I wanted to highlight some of the smaller Tiktok creators we at the Everyday Owl love.

(For the record, I define “small” creators as anyone with a following of less than 50,000 at the time of writing.)

1) @swirlingskirts 21k followers

T-rex themed bento box

This small Tiktok creator is all about making lunch and dinner fun again. She has an incredible eye for detail and uses tons of imagination to make all sorts of themed bento meals. From Harry Potter themes to dinosaurs, even pirates are on the menu!

Sprinkled throughout her page are also some recipe videos for drool-worthy foods that I’m dying to make. I made the mistake of watching her video on a beef stew with an empty stomach. I’m not usually a beef stew kind of person, but she just made it look so dang good I had to track some down before I caved and bought a pound of stew meat to make it myself.

Even if you don’t make bentos, it’s easy to get inspiration for your own lunches and add a little magic back into your meals. She is seriously my new favorite TikTok account.

*Disclaimer: This account is growing fast! While I was writing this blog, her follower number jumped from 10k to 20k in just a couple of days, so she probably won’t be a small account for long.

2) @firefoodfamily 43.3k followers

Queso dip next to grill

I’ll admit I’m very food motivated, so I love diving into the food corners of Tiktok. This means it’s no surprise the following creator on the list is another food-related account. As he’s better-known @firefoodfamily, Jordan is all about cooking, grilling, and BBQ. If you’re okay with decadent, hearty, cheesy foods, then @firefoodfamily is the place for you.

He’s got pot roast, Sheppard’s pie, even zucchini fritters! No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find something delicious. @firefoodfamily is a dangerous account if you’re watching your calories, though, and will tempt even the strictest dieters. He makes it all look so easy and delicious!

3) @the_gelato_place 9k followers

Reddit post in front of gelato machine

This small Tiktok creator’s videos all follow the same format. A silver container is placed below a machine to catch gelato, and some sort of spatula scrapes it up to fit as much gelato into the container as possible. Sometimes toppings like chocolate sauce are added, and a robotic voice reads text posts from the AITA subreddit.

For those unfamiliar with Reddit, the AITA subreddit is a forum where posters can submit events to ask if they were a jerk in that situation (or “Am I The A$$hole”). They’re usually pretty entertaining because it’s literally people asking to be judged. The stories can be a mixed bag of “oh that’s understandable” to “wow, you’re a monster.”

There are a lot of TikTok accounts that do AITA readings and even a lot that use robotic voiceovers, but I enjoy seeing the gelato. It’s just something nice to focus on while you think about the scenario laid out in the Reddit post… Or maybe I’m more food motivated than I thought.

This account is definitely a must-follow if you like gossip and gelato.

4) @findfulfillingwork 43.1k followers

The name kind of says it all here, Michael’s page @findfulfillingwork is all about helping users find fulfilling work. If you’re struggling with your resume, we do have a blog all about writing one, but it never hurts to have multiple sources of help and concrete examples to look at.

You may even get lucky and snag one of the jobs promoted on his page! (Especially if you’re interested in remote work/ marketing). Even if you aren’t interested, it never hurts to have more knowledge at your disposal. 

The Everyday Owl is all about helping people find what fulfills them, whether in relationships or in careers, so we’re very supportive of this account.

5) @sunnysidejames 41.6k followers

If you’re a nerd who likes to play Dungeons and Dragons, you should definitely check out this small Tiktok creator. @sunnysidejames shares his ideas for, experiences with, and thoughts on Dungeons and Dragons.

As an avid player and DM myself, I love watching his content. I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate into my campaigns. It’s also fun to share them with my other Dungeon Master friends!

Even if you just like storytelling content, you can find some awesome skits on @sunnysidejames’ page. Of course, the settings are usually fantasy, what with them being based in Dungeons and Dragons’ worlds, but that doesn’t mean there’s a high bar of knowledge to enjoy it.

Honorable mention) @vivinofun 22k followers

The account @vivinofun is on this list just for me. If you, too, are obsessed with the free-to-play game Genshin Impact, though, you’ll probably enjoy their videos. They have a few animatic shorts that take characters from Genshin Impact and put them to work at a McDonald’s. It’s silly and dumb but really funny for anyone who plays the game.

Seeing art of your favorite characters is always enjoyable, and animation is a lot of work, so I admire anyone who loves the characters enough to animate them. (They’re mostly stills, but the point remains that it’s a lot of work).

Who is your favorite Tiktok creator?

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