This blog is going to be different from our other gifting guides. I’m not going to give you a list of things you could get your romantic partner. What I will do is help you pick up on the gift opportunities you’re probably missing. You know them better than I do. A personal gift based on their interests will be better than any generic item on Amazon I can link you to.

The perfect gift could be anywhere

Grabbing a good present for someone you love can be a huge stress. You want to give them something to show how much you care about them, and you want them to love it. There’s also a lot of unspoken pressure we put on ourselves. It’s one thing if you get your aunt a crummy holiday gift, you can just kind of awkwardly laugh and remind everyone that it’s the thought that counts.

If you mess up a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend, though, that can sometimes affect your whole relationship. To take some of that pressure off, it helps to be prepared. Preparing the perfect gift is as simple as having it in the back of your mind when you’re with them. 

Are they talking about somewhere they really want to go? Or something they really want to do? Are they a collector looking for a special piece that’s nearly impossible to find? Have they ever mentioned wanting something since they were a kid or even something they would love to have again that they had as a child? The best present is thoughtful and shows you know them.

Sadly, our significant others don’t conveniently start talking about potential gift items 2-3 weeks before major holidays. But, if you pay special attention when they do bring up things they want, you can make a note (mental or even on your phone) and refer to that note when you’re ready to buy. 

Think about the cost

Think about how much your partner will spend on themself. Is there something that’s just a little out of their price range? How much are you willing to spend on them? How much we can afford on gifts depends on expenses and income and a million other things, but it helps if you have a gift goal in mind and the time to save up for it.

Another great thing about deciding on a gift early is having the time to tweak your budget. If, for instance, you wanted to buy a musical instrument or classes or a really expensive book for Christmas, your wallet will like you a lot more if you figure that out before December 20th. 

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be something outrageously expensive, of course. Even if it isn’t costly, it can still be nice to space out costs when money is tight. Setting aside $10 a month for a few months can be a lot easier than suddenly spending $30+ all at once if you’re having a rough financial patch.

You don’t have to wait

If you know what you want to get your partner for the next big event (their birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.), you don’t have to wait to grab it. The perfect gift is sometimes just a thing you stumble upon. Even while you’re out picking up pizza three months before the nearest holiday occasion. 

Last year, I bought my partner their birthday gift five months early and their Christmas present shortly after. Needless to say, they were both amazing gifts, and if the holidays were a competition, I would have won. 

It can be hard to keep secrets and sit on the perfect gift for months, though. I’ve done it, and it can be so worth it. It has also backfired, though, and the surprise has been ruined. Sadly those are just the dice you have to roll sometimes. 

It can be satisfying to know you’re stocked up on gifts. You don’t have to wade into the hectic rushes of big buying seasons. While everyone else is out struggling to fight off a dozen other shoppers for the big sale item, you can kick back at home. Since your SO’s present is already wrapped and hiding behind the cleaning supplies in the closet.

In the end, there’s no rule that says you can’t be prepared for whenever the right present inspiration strikes. There’s an added benefit too; if you ever accidentally forget an important date, you just might have the perfect gift on hand anyway. 

If you want a more concrete list of present ideas, you can always head over to our article on gifting for those hard-to-gift people. Or, if you just want to learn more about gift-giving as a love language you can check out Psychology Today’s article written by psychologist Dr. Davis.

What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

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